Canberra Adventure For Indonesian Girl – Herta Sekar

Indonesian tennis official Herta Sekar Pandansari was given the opportunity by Tennis Australia to showcase her officiating skills in Australia as a chair umpire at the Apis Canberra International 2016 in Canberra.

Herta Sekar Pandansari from Indonesia

Herta lives in the city of Bandung, where she has officiated National tournaments. The largest tournament she ever officiated was a $10,000 tournament, compared to the combined men’s and women’s $100,000 Apis Canberra International.

Tennis is not as popular in Indonesia as other countries, so she looked around the globe to broaden her experience officiating tennis.

“This is my first time here and the first time for the Pro Tour,” she said. “It’s like so exciting and really new.”

Tennis Australia selected Herta to come to Australia after she applied to officiate the tournament. Impressed by the size of the venue in Lyneham, Herta has appreciated help she has received from the people of Canberra.

“The venue for me is so big,” she said. “The people also. They like help me a lot, for everything.”

Officials adviser to Tennis Australia, Emma Walter, said Tennis Australia has exchanges with different countries so officials like Herta can visit and work at Pro Tour level events.

“It’s a great opportunity for Australian officials and the players to see different people and to see how they officiate,” Emma said. “And also for them to develop skills and develop their officiating so they can take it back home.”

Upon heading home to Indonesia, Herta will take new knowledge and experience with her.

“[I learned] a lot,” she said. “Like how I umpire. I get a lot of stuff here.”

Despite only visiting Canberra for five days, Herta has enjoyed the experience.

“I enjoy it every day,” she said.