A/O Pre-Qualifying WJT Event 2017

ITF Team Championships for boys and girls of 14 & under, World Junior Team Competition 2016 will take place in New Delhi, India from 27th Feb – 4th March 2017

Boys events comprises with 14 team whether 9 Girls teams are participating in the Asia/Oceania Pre Qualifying events, the number of Asia/Oceania countries entering the competition in 2017 will determine the number of participants at the pre-qualifying events.

Twelve teams of each event from Asia will qualify automatically to the WJTC Final Qualifying event which will be held in Bangkok from 20th Mar – 1st Apr 2017, together with Australia and New Zealand. The remaining two spots will be determined at the Pre-Qualifying event. Top 2 performing team will be promoted to Final Qualifying event in each category.

 Click the following links for the updated Results.

Boys Draws

Girls Draws