Korean Players – Knocking On The 100

Duck Hee Lee & Hyeon Chung (KOR)

Currently, two of the most talented Asian players waiting to get into the big league are from Korea, Hyeon Chung and Duck Hee Lee. Many of us might know, that both of the players have overcome physical challenges in order to reach the top.

Duck Hee Lee has achieved, what very few players like him are able to. He reached a career high of World Junior Ranking number 3 in 2014, and has ever since not looked back. Lee will finish the ATP World Tour Rankings at 149, ahead of many other players his age.

Hyeon Chung also from Korea at 20 years of age, would be finishing the year ahead of Lee on 104 ATP. Hyeon Chung had touched a career high of 51 ATP a year back, and would be looking to get back to the top 50 mark anxiously in the coming season.

Duck Hee Lee –  

At Wimbledon in 2003, Andy Roddick said that his first reaction to an opponent’s shots comes from his hearing, as does his initial information about the shot coming toward him.

Andy Murray also struggled with cacophonous conditions at this year’s US Open, when rain pounded down on the new roof over Arthur Ashe Stadium. “We use our ears when we play; it’s not just the eyes,” Murray said. “It helps us pick up the speed of the ball, the spin that’s on the ball, how hard someone’s hitting it.

But Duck Hee Lee, 18, is exceptional. He is deaf, and no deaf player in the sport’s professional era has reached these heights. In tennis, simply seeing the ball is believed to be insufficient. Hearing the ball, the top players say, enables faster reactions, and Lee puts all these apprehensions at rest.

The 18 year old prodigy is looking to achieve not many Korean players have achieved, to be in the striking distance of the top 100 tennis players in the world.

Hyeon Chung –

On the other hand, Hyeon Chung is in line to become just the third South Korean man to contest the Singles Main Draw at Wimbledon in July 2017. Chung while playing as a junior, touched highest world ranking of 7 in the Under 18 category.

At aged seven, weak eyesight began to inhibit him so his parents brought him to a doctor. In a peculiar twist of faith experts recommended setting time aside to look at the color green. And so, with the prescription glasses which have become his trademark, Chung started playing tennis seriously, zoning in on the aluminous fuzzy ball. He hasn’t taken his eyes off it since.

Hyeon Chung is no stranger to the Grand Slams any more. He made first round of Wimbledon and second round of US Open in 2015; and in 2016 he made first round of French Open & Australian Open where he lost to Novak Djokovic in the first round. There is no doubting that the 20 year old is waiting for his moment to announce his arrival on the big scene.