Maldives Tennis Development Visit by Suresh Menon

ITF DO Suresh Menon made a brief development visit to Maldives from 1st to 5th September 2015. Maldives Tennis Association (TAM) under the leadership of President Ahmed Nazeer has been very actively developing tennis in Maldives.  Suresh also had some good discussions with Abdul Rasheed (Absy), the newly appointed TAM manager regarding the various development projects being undertaken by TAM.  The meeting with the Minister of Youth and Sport Ahmed Zuhoor, was a positive one.

Suresh- MalThe government plans to develop a sporting infrastructure in the capital Male and an on the adjoining island of Willlingi within the next 2 years. TAM’s is pressing ahead to construct a 4th court in order to be in a position to organize an ITF junior world-ranking tournament (ITF JWR).

Suresh conducted junior development workshop for players. The grassroots development is moving in the right direction with participation increasing. TAM has managed to build a large pool of young players from the schools through Play & Stay program and Tennis 10s. Suresh was impressed with the skill level of the 7-8 year old juniors.

TAM is committed to participating in more competitions. Maldives has been participating in ITF 14 & Under Division 2 champs and is now planning to participate on ITF Junior Team Competitions 2016.  If Maldives does participate in the ITF JTC, it would be the first time. Finally TAM is also looking to develop its coach education program.

   Suresh - Mal2