Mr. Anil Khanna, President ATF re-nominated for Key Positions on ITF Committees


Mr. Anil Khanna, President ATF re-nominated for Key Positions on ITF Committees


The President Asian Tennis Federation, Mr. Anil Khanna from 2005 has been playing an active role not only for promotion of tennis in Asia but also in the International Tennis Scenario. He has served as the Board of Directors of the International Tennis Federation from 2003 – 2011 and was re-elected in 2013 and has been holding the position thereafter.

The International Tennis Federation also recognizes his expertise and valuable input for growth of Tennis and accordingly he has been continuously serving in important key positions not just as the Board Member but also as Chairman/Member of various ITF Committees since 2003.

The ATF is proud to announce that Mr. Anil Khanna has been nominated to hold key positions in four important committees & Taskforce of the ITF for the period of two years 2018 – 2019.

He will be the Chairman, ITF Worldwide Development Advisors Group. ITF has an annual budget of approximately $8 million for development activities which are done under the administration of the group.

Mr. Khanna has been nominated to Co-Chair the recently constituted ITF New Properties Taskforce along with Mr. Rene Stammbach (SUI).  The committee will be working towards creation of new properties and opportunities for ITF.

He is also nominated to be a member of the most important Finance Committee of ITF and has been holding the position from 2009 – 2011 & 2013 till date.

Also being the President of the Regional Federation for Asia with the strength of 44 member nations, he is the key member in the Regional Association President Taskforce, which enables the ITF to work more closely for development and growth activities in the regions across the world.


Chairman                    ITF Development Advisors Group

Co-Chair                      ITF New Properties Taskforce

Member                      ITF Finance Committee

Member                      ITF Regional Association Taskforce