18th Asian Games - Fact Sheet

22nd July

18th Asian Games Jakarta/Palembang 2014 - Tennis
Hosted by - The Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) Organized by - Indonesian Asian Games Organizing Committee (INASGOC) FACT SHEET
Competition Site Bukit Asam Tennis Courts,

Jagabaring, Palembang
There are sixteen (16) courts in all:
Centre Court - Seating Capacity of 1,500 1 x Show Courts - Seating Capacity of approximately 300 14 x Outdoor Courts of which 4 may be used as practice courts.
The surface is Techno-Kote.
The lighting for all match courts is more than adequate.


Training Site Practice courts are available on site. Each team upon their arrival can book the practice courts. Practice balls and courts can be made available 2 days prior to the commencement of competition
Dates of competition The tennis competition will be held from the 19th to 25th August. The Women’s Singles finals will be held on 24th Aug whilst the Men’s Finals will be held on 25th Aug.
The tennis competition will comprise the following events:
1. Men’s Singles 2. Women’s Singles 3. Men’ Doubles 4. Women’s Doubles 5. Mixed Doubles

Email ID: S.Uthrapathy@gmail.com
Competition Manager: SUSAN SOEBAKTI Email ID: tarsan.899@gmail.com
NITINKANAMWAR Email ID: nitin.kannamwar@itftennis.com
General The tennis competition of the 18th Asian Games shall be conducted in accordance with the ITF Rules of Tennis and relevant regulations and rules in force during the Games time.
Seeds and Rankings The seeds and ranking of teams and individuals shall be decided by the Supervisor based on the most recent recognized international singles and doubles computer rankings at the week of the draw. Players must be present on site to be considered for seeding.
Competition and format All individual event singles matches shall be of best of three tiebreak sets in a knockout system. All individual event doubles and mixed doubles events will be played with two

tie break sets with No Ad scoring and match tiebreaker in the event of one set all.
Entry Based on the entry by numbers (deadline 30 April) Entries from 26 NOCs was received. The deadline of entry by names will be on 30 June.
Screening OCA will screen all athletes and notify AF/NOCs by early August.
Late Athlete Replacement This will be carried in accordance with OCA Constitution and Rules. Replacement allowed under exceptional circumstances where duly registered athlete by the deadline is injured or in need of replacement due to a medical reason. The deadline for any changes is one day prior to the Technical Meeting. The respective NOC is to fill out and submit the “LATE ATHLETE REPLACEMENT FORM” for both athletes being replaced and to replace. The OCA then makes the final decision after consulting with AF and medical experts.
Entry Policies Each NOC may enter only two (2) players in Singles events and two (2) pairs (four (4) players in doubles events. Each NOC may enter a maximum of six (6) men and six (6) women players for the tennis competition.  Each participant will be allowed to enter a maximum of three (3) events. Changes if any from the original entries submitted may be allowed. Changes to
nominations may be made during the captains’/managers’ meeting prior to the draw. The names, however, must come from the original list submitted.
Technical Meeting The technical meeting for Managers and Captains will be held on 18th Aug at 1400 hours at the tennis complex. The draw for all the events will follow after the technical meeting. It is mandatory for all team Managers/Captains to attend the technical meetings.
Technical Officials Technical officials will be appointed by the ATF. This includes the technical delegate, assistant technical delegates, supervisor, referees, assistant referees, chair umpires, lines officials and jury of appeal.
On Court Officials All matches will be officiated by a chair umpire. A minimum of at least five (5) line umpires will be assigned for matches preceding the 
semi finals and a minimum of seven (7) officials will officiate at the semifinals and finals.

Protests and Appeals Oncourt the chair umpires shall settle disputes. On questions of the tennis rules, players/team captains can appeal to the Supervisor, whose decision shall be finals. The chair umpire is the final authority on all questions of fact during the match. All appeals should be directed through the OCA by the NOC of the participating player/team.

Official Balls The official ball to be used for the Games will be Head Tour This ball is approved by the International Tennis Federation (ITF). Each match will be played with 6 balls. Ball change will be made after the first seven (7) games and every nine (9) thereafter.
Practice Balls Adequate practice balls will be made available for teams whilst they still remain in the competition.
Start Times Matches will commence at 10.00 hours daily unless otherwise decided by the Supervisor. In the event of inclement weather, the Supervisor may, at his discretion, decide to conduct the games under floodlights or move to the indoor stadium in order to maintain the planned competition schedule.
On Court Facilities Organizers will provide water, isotonic drinks, bananas, and towels, saw dust on 
the court.

Stringing and Charges
Adequate number of stringing machines will be available on site. The stringing charges will be as follows:
Natural Guts/ Synthetic Guts - 150,000 Rupiahs
Medals Gold, Silver and Bronze medals will be awarded to the players/teams ranked in the top three of each event respectively. There will be no playoff for bronze medals for all events. All losing 
semi-finalists will be awarded bronze medals.

Ceremony The Victory Ceremonies shall normally be held after the completion of each event. The participants receiving awards must wear their official uniforms. Attendance for Victory Ceremonies is mandatory.





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